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About EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Have you ever smelled something pleasant, just a slight whiff of a smell, and been transported back to the time you first smelled it?  And have you then felt, all at once, that feeling as if you are in that moment, reliving that smell, the colors, the whole experience?  This can be a quick flash, or a few minutes in length.  It can catch you by surprise where you take notice and revel in the memory, or you are quick to note it then brush it aside.  For some, the smell may bring up unpleasant memories, quick, passing, nevertheless it was there.  You may feel that for long, or brush that off, and move on.  That is your brain's powerful memory of smell, the reactivity of your brain to a stimulus, then a trigger of a memory.  Imagine now that it has broadened from a smell to a feeling, or a visual reminder, and all at once you find yourself reacting to that stimulus, negative or positive.  You are in the midst of that reaction, even interacting with others while you are reacting, noticing how your breath may come quicker, and your pulse elevating even slightly.  That is a more powerful reaction of your brain to a memory.  For those of you who have had childhood traumas, or trauma experienced as a teen or adult, the triggers of smells, sounds, or even the look on a person's face, may send you into a tailspin, reactive and wondering why you are so upset over something seemingly small, or even a panic or anxiety attack.  

EMDR, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, is a therapy that can help you break free from those reactions, learn new ways of being and responding to the same triggers and stimuli, without the panic, anxiety, or tailspin.  It literally helps you heal from those reactive paths that are etched in your brain that create this out of control feeling.  You can gain a new understanding of what is going on, redirect your response rather than have an automatic reaction, and create new brain responses to interact in a healthy way, empowering you and giving you a sense of strength and freedom from what bound you before.

Check out these books for further information and to educate yourself on how to choose an EMDR trained psychotherapist:

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